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Friday, December 31, 2010

A Cheap and Easy Solution for Window Heat Loss and Condensation

Nasty! Click to zoom in...
This week the temperature outside has plunged into the single digits, and it will be about -10ยบ f. tonight. Along with the cold weather comes a reoccurring problem: condensation on my patio door windows. As you can see in this photo, its not a minor problem. It's caused mildew and mold on the bottom of the frame. It shouldn't even be happening, since my house is "Energy Star" rated, and built just 3 years ago. Money is tight these days so there is nothing in the budget for a replacement door: though that's coming. Seeking an inexpensive solution until money falls out of the sky for a replacement door, I tried one of those plastic shrink wrap window kits last year. And the result? MASSIVE FAIL. I had to buy 2 long window kits, and the tape included wouldn't stick from the start, even though I cleaned and dried the entire door. After just a few days, the plastic started falling off. I had wasted several hours and about $10.

This year, I started searching the internet for another solution, and discovered a trick that works like a charm, costs very little and can be done in minutes. The answer is a spray bottle of water and bubble wrap. Here's how it's done: