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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Electronic Cigarettes Helped Me Quit Smoking - And Save Money.

I have a confession: I am a cigarette smoker. Or I was. I have smoked for over 30 years. Not very frugal, right? Or very healthy.

Lets run some numbers, then, shall we? Thirty years of smoking one pack a day equals 10,950 packs. When I started smoking, cigarettes cost under $1.00 a pack. Today, the cost is about $6.00 a pack where I live. So, I'm going to pick a somewhat arbitrary number of $3.00 a pack as an average. 10,950 x 3 = $32,850. Today, at $6 per pack, it's costing $2,190 a year. And the price keeps rising every time governments can't control their spending.Yeah, the government says they are increasing the cigarette taxes to discourage smokers from smoking, but really, they just want the money. As a nicotine addict, I can promise you, smokers will pay whatever it takes to get their fix. So are there any good solutions out there?