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Friday, November 5, 2010

Discounted Shave and a Haircut.

  While not as cheap as "Two Bits", and also not including the shave, I no longer pay more than $4.25 for a haircut. This is pretty cheap, considering the local clip joint charges $13.00, plus tax and tip. Oh, yea, they sometimes have a sale and I'll go to them, but I haven't been to see them in 6 months.

 The secret to getting your hair done for this price is...
to find a local "Beauty School".  I know, I know.. You aren't about to let some amateur practice on your mullet or fabulous Ferrah Faucett lookin' mane of hair you've had since the 80's! That's what I thought too.  But when I saw a local school was doing a "99 cent haircut" day, I had to check it out. On that day, the school was very busy.  Luckily, I had called for an appointment. I was seated in minutes, and my hair was cut by a pleasant student who asked all the right questions and cut it just the way Mrs. Sniveler likes. (My hair is no longer my own. I think it's in our marriage contract) When finished, an instructor (licensed cosmetologist) checked her work, and asked if everything was okay. I paid my 99 cents with a dollar bill and left a dollar tip. I haven't been to another shop since. I now pay $4.25, and give a $1 tip. That may not seem like much, but do the math: that's a nearly 25% tip. Remember, this is a student, and if in the course of a day they do 10 haircuts, that's $10 in their pocket. Hey, I never got paid for doing my schoolwork, did you? And since I am pretty sure they won't report it as income, its untaxed. And also, on my $4.25 I paid no tax. My total: $5.25, period. At the local clip shop, there's about a dollar tax and a 15% tip is $2, total: $16.00. I saved 10.75, or $129 a year - and I helped a student get her license.
 How do you go about finding a good beauty / cosmetology school in your area? First, start with your phone book. To narrow the field if there are more than one may require a bit of subterfuge on your part - and you'll have to pay for one more full priced haircut. Go to your regular hair shop once more. Most hairdressers are very chatty- spark up a conversation and mention that you - or your (child, niece, neighbor) is considering becoming a cosmetologist. Ask if there is a school locally they would recommend. Remember to thank them for their advice and tip well: you'll probably never be back again!

 One of the best things about going to a school is they probably offer a wider range of services than your regular shop. There are a few things you need to be aware of. 
  • If you find a particular student you like, you can sometimes get  her every time. This depends on the rules at the school.
  • Don't get too attached to your regular student. They will graduate someday!
  • Appointments: MAKE ONE! 
  • Make sure you have the proper payment: some places (mine included) do not accept credit/ debit.
Here's a list of  the prices and services where I go:
Hair Services
Haircut $4.25
Beard/Mustache Trim $3.00
Shampoo Set $4.50
Thermal Styling $4.50
Ceramic Style Short/Med $7.50
Ceramic Style Long/EX Long $9.50
UPDO/Special Occasion Styling $9.50
Braiding/Cornrows $5.00 - $30.00
* Styling is extra with hair cutting, deep conditioning, and scalp treatments
Texture Services
Short Hair Perm $24.95
Long Hair Perm (Spiral) - Long Hair Perms Include 1 Extra Solution $39.95
EX. Solution $6.00
Hydroxide Relaxer $25.00 - $50.00
Perm Relaxer $25.00 and Up
Opti-Smooth Relaxer $45.00 - $125.00
Color Services
Short Tint (Ear Length) $20.00
Retouch Tint (New Growth Only) $20.00
Medium Tint (Above Shoulders) $23.00
Long Tint (Shoulder Length) $32.00
Ex. Long / Ex. Thick Tint (Below Shoulders) $37.00
Highlighting (Foils) Short/Med $29.95
Highlighting (Foils) Long/Ex. Long $34.95
Highlighting - Each Additional Color $15.00 and Up
Frosting (Cap) $16.95
Bleach (Full Head) $20.00 and Up
Color Correction $45.00 and Up
Spa Services
Scalp Treatments $5.00 - $10.00
Deep Conditioning $5.00 - $10.00
Facials $6.00
Makeup $5.00
Eyebrow Arch $3.50
Lip Wax $2.50
Arm Wax $10.00
Under Arm Wax $5.00
Leg Wax (To Knee) $20.00
Back Wax $20.00
Lash and Brow Tint $3.50
Nail Services
Manicure $6.00
Pedicure $10.50
Polish Only $2.00
Full Set $20.00
Overlay $10.00
Fill $10.00
Individual Nail Repair $2.50
Artificial Nail Removal $10.00

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Party of 6 or More
  • 1/2 Off Selected Items
  • By Appointment Only
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • 15% College Students (Must Show ID)
  • 15% Senior Citizen (60 & Up)
  • Discounts are not offered on Product
  • Coupons may be found in the Phone Book and College Coupon Booklets
You've saved $129 a year or more, dahlings, and may I just say;
You Look Mahvelous, Simply Mahvelous!
Now, what will you do with the money you saved? *

  *Hint: your favorite cheapskate blogger has a paypal and smartypig account.

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